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Top 10 Qualities To Include In Project Manager’s Resume

A carefully made Project Manager’s resume can help you immensely in your career. You must spend extra time and prepare it to include essential qualities of a project manager.

Nowadays, hiring managers and recruiters rarely look at the educational qualifications. They are more interested in what attributes you have that will make you successful in your job.

Let’s take a look at the latest trends in project manager’s resume and what kind of qualities companies are looking for. You must mention these in detail in your CV (Curriculum Vitae) to land up a good job.

Top Qualities For Project Manager’s Resume

1. Leadership

You should show your leadership skills in your CV. 

For example, you can describe how you manage your team, assign tasks, and set goals to achieve your final objective. 

Coordination with your team and reposting is crucial for a project. 

You can mention the number of teammates you handled and remote members; if any, this shows your leadership skills.

3. Personal Integrity

In this, you can showcase how you manage things in the project management role when you face ups and downs in a project. 

You can tell how you manage to get things done when you are in the project management position and build trust in others.

3. Emotional Strength

You can show how you manage your workflow even in darker times during the project.

Project management is not for the week. Project managers need to control their emotions and respond constructively to others when things get out of control.

The managers can’t let the morale go down. So try not to feel pressured at crucial times, and even if you do, do not let others see it.

4. Proactive

You can describe how you solve problems and take action. Effective project managers take action before it is needed to prevent minor concerns from escalating into major problems. 

They spend most of their time working within their sphere of influence to solve problems and not dwelling on things they have little control over. So project managers can’t be whiners.

5. Systematic Thinker

A project manager has to think in a holistic manner rather than a reductive way. Instead of breaking the project into parts and giving every part particular importance takes a lot of time and effort.

Despite that, these project parts, when collectively handled, can lead to a successful project.

6. Skillful

You should mention your skills hard and soft skills in your resume. 

A project manager has to deal with a wide range of people and win their support. They have to inform and give details about everything to everyone but still have to stick to the truth.

7. Effective Time Manager

Time management is crucial when it is about project management.

Project managers have to schedule their time wisely and quickly adjust their priorities to keep their projects going at a reasonable speed. You can include in your document some of your past deliverables, which are successfully delivered on time.

This will show your time management skills. Being a project manager, you need to balance your interaction with everyone.

8. Optimist

A project manager has to be optimistic. There are ups and downs in all projects. The project manager has to maintain the hope and energy high within the team and others involved in the project. An effective project manager always has a can-do attitude. This is a soft skill that a manager must possess. You can put it in your document to prove your point provide some examples.

9. Sound Understanding of Project Management Methodologies

A project manager used different methodologies to complete a project. First, you should mention the types of methodologies you used in your projects.

This will show your experience and knowledge about different methodologies. 

Also, describe how you implement these methodologies to make your project successful.

10. Good General Business Perspective

The primary role of a project manager is to integrate the contributions of different business and technical disciplines.

So, You can mention how being a manager, you know general business fundamentals and how the different functional disciplines help you interact to contribute to a successful business.


When writing your resume, do not forget to include all the above skills and traits in your document. These are some of the essential qualities that every recruiter looks for in a project manager’s role. When your document has all of these qualities, the chances are that your profile gets shortlisted.

Also, do not forget to provide examples with your statement. Use numbers and figures whenever necessary.

Ashwini Rao

Ashwini is a consultant, trainer, and mentor in the field of Software Quality Management and Project management. She is a certified PMP, certified Quality Analyst and Six Sigma. She is Chief Project Management Trainer at