How To Stabilize Your Unstable Business

How To Stabilize Your Business Using Project Management

How most people think about Project management is finalizing a plan, making development plans, preparing time boundaries, creating WBS, developing the network, adding resources, look after all the tasks related to the project.

But when it comes to actually implementing the tasks related to the project, all this planning and logic seems to disappear. Project managers encounter a lot of difficulties and problems in the world that is filled with a lot of inconsistencies and paradoxes.

The Contradictions That A Project Manager Might Face

Thinking about projects

Stability To Maintain And Innovate

Project managers have to take care of problems that occur during the project and get the project back on track. At the same time, they need to be innovative and think of new ideas for the project.

Even with the constant disturbances, initiation of new ideas and changes in the project the project manager has to work within the time, budget and other constraints.

Stress The Team And Encourage Individual

Project managers have to motivate team members individually to perform their best while maintaining teamwork. Managers have to see that they are fair and consistent with the team members but all the while treating each of them as a special individual contributing to the team.

Handle & Manage Situations

A project manager has to be very observant. They have to be smart enough to judge the situation and decide whether to handle the situation on their own or sit on the sidelines.

Organizational Responsibilities Vs Team Responsibilities

Project managers have to be responsible for the events and outcomes of the projects. They have to stick to the timeline and encourage the team to work even when they lose hope.

Communication Management

Project managers have to be extroverted and be a part of all the communication that is happening regarding the project. They have to be careful to not miss out on something which could potentially have benefited the project or lead to an error in the project.

What Should One Look For In An Effective Project Manager?

Many authors have addressed this question and have generated lists. A list of skills and attributes associated with being an effective manager.

When reviewing these lists, one sometimes gets the impression that being a successful project manager requires someone with superhuman powers. While we agree that not everyone has what it takes to be an effective project manager, there are some core traits and skills that can be developed to successfully perform the job.

Effective Project Manager Core Skills And Traits

Team Management

System Thinker

A project manager has to think in a holistic manner rather than a reductive way. Instead of breaking the project into parts and giving every part individual importance takes a lot of time and effort. In spite of that, these project parts when collectively handled can lead to a successful project.

Personal Integrity

First, understand your responsibility, for what you stand, and how you want to get things done when you are in the project management position.  This will help you to manage the ups and downs of the project and to build trust in others.


Effective project managers take action before it is needed to prevent small concerns from escalating into major problems. They spend the majority of their time working within their sphere of influence to solve problems and not dwelling on things they have little control over. Project managers can’t be whiners.


Project management is not for the week. Project managers need to have command over their emotions and be able to respond constructively to others when things get a bit out of control. The managers can’t let the morale go down. So try not to feel pressured at crucial times and even if you do, do not let others see it. A Project Manager needs to maintain their workflow.

General business perspective

Because the primary role of a project manager is to integrate the contributions of different business and technical disciplines, a manager must have a general grasp of business fundamentals and how the different functional disciplines interact to contribute to a successful business.


A project manager has to deal with a wide range of people and have to win their support. They have to inform and give details about everything to everyone but still have to stick to the truth.

Effective time management

Time management is crucial when it is about project management. Project managers have to be able to schedule their time wisely and quickly adjust their priorities, to keep their project going at a good speed. Being a project manager you need to balance your interaction with everyone. So no one gets ignored and feels sidelined.


A project manager has to be optimistic. There are ups and downs in all projects. The project manager has to maintain the hope and energy high within the team and with others who are involved in the project. An effective project manager always has a can-do attitude.


So to conclude the topic, the project manager is someone who proves to be valuable to the organization.

The project manager with his skills and efforts can do wonders.

You should get the right education and the right experience to be a skilled project manager because your company’s development is on your shoulders.