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Project Management Jobs are Great!

Project Managers are well paid, enjoy working in plush offices, and travel around the world.

True! But these jobs come with a lot of stress.

The Project Manager's Conundrum

Customer's demands seem to be endless.

Sponsors are always asking for more.

Meetings are boring and directionless.

Time is always limited and family life goes for a toss.

Why is Project Management so Complex Today?

Projects are being successfully managed for thousands of years.

Egyptian Pyramids were  built in

2610 B.C.

Great Wall of China was

built in

770 B.C.

Projects were successful even when project management was not a recognized science.

Today's projects are much smaller and simpler.

How can we simplify project management?

Project Management Should be Fun

Each one of us has successfully delivered many projects.

Project management knowledge is inherent in all of us.

All of us have got numerous accolades from our clients.

We all are born with project management skills.

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project manager's resume qualities

Top 10 Qualities To Include In Project Manager’s Resume

A carefully made Project Manager’s resume can help you immensely in your career. You must spend extra time and prepare it to include essential qualities of a project manager. Nowadays, hiring managers and recruiters rarely look at the educational qualifications. They are more interested in what attributes you have that will make you successful in

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Project Management Skills competencies

Top 15 Project Management Skills For Professionals

You need to have several project management skills to become a successful professional. Nowadays, recruiters are more interested in your competencies and what you can achieve rather than your educational qualifications. Managers look for certain qualities in a project manager. They want to see practical experience, which includes teamwork, effective & successful deliveries, and conflict

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finish your project strong

How To Finish Your Project Strong?

When it comes to giving any task finishing, that becomes the most challenging. Similarly, in Project Management, finish a project isn’t the thing worrying about, but to finish your project takes a lot of effort. Simply giving an ending to the project may mean that the matter in the body is carried out to the

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Uncertainty In Project Management

Strategy Vs Luck – Uncertainty in Project Management

While overseeing projects, you may encounter with Uncertainty in Project Management Process. Getting used to Uncertainty in Project Management will allow you to manage risks and cope up with the management process. “I believe that people make their own luck with great preparation and a good strategy.” – Jack Canfield While playing a game you

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changes in a project

How To Deal With Changes In A Project?

As a project manager, you spend a lot of time in planning, scheduling and setting a deadline for tasks. But changes in a project are a part of the project. And as time passes by there are a lot of changes that occur in the project management and its technicalities. So you need to do

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