Everyone ​​​​loves Project Management Jobs

It was a calm Sunday morning. The weather was fine. The wind was blowing softly.

Peter was laying quitely in the hammock near his beachouse. He liked coming here on the weekends. He found the atmostphere relaxing.

He needed some peace and quite after hard week's work.

About a year ago, Peter was promoted to project management (PM) role in his oganization. The new position came with a lot of perks.

He could afford this beachhouse only because of the increased salary.

Project management jobs are the best.

Should You Continue Being A Project Manager?

Monday was another day. The weather was still fine. Birds were chirping.

But today, Peter was in a sombre mood. It was start of another tiring week.

Peter was pretty frustrated with his job. If given a choice, he would have take a lower level position or quit the job altogether.

However, the salary, position, and perks made him continue his job.

Peter had good project management knowledge and skills. The team loved him and he, somehow, disliked the PM role. It came with added pressure and stress. He was just about making the ends meet.

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