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Top 15 Project Management Skills For Professionals

You need to have several project management skills to become a successful professional. Nowadays, recruiters are more interested in your competencies and what you can achieve rather than your educational qualifications.

Managers look for certain qualities in a project manager. They want to see practical experience, which includes teamwork, effective & successful deliveries, and conflict management.

Your profile is the first step to take a leap in your career. You must prepare it properly to showcase and highlight your unique achievements. It should focus on skills like planning, budgeting, time management, stakeholder management, and communication management that will set you apart from other prospective candidates.

Let’s take a deep dive into the professional skills of a successful project manager.

15 Must-Have Project Management Skills

1. Communication Management

Project managers have to be extroverted and be a part of all the communication regarding the project.

They have to be careful not to miss out on something that could have benefited the project or lead to an error in the project.

In addition, the project manager ensures that the team and the stakeholders are updated about the project.

2. Scheduling and Time Management

Time management is one of the critical things in project management.

When you plan your project by keeping all the necessary things in mind, you will be able to handle the project nicely. Being a project manager, you have to make a schedule for your project.

There are chances of risks in every project that is why planning according is much more important than any other thing.

3. Budget Management

The number of projects complete with the desired budget is less than those completed with over budget.

This is because there are so many constraints while doing a project. Sometimes the resources are less, and sometimes the budget is tight.

A project manager has to use their financial management skills to deliver a winning project.

4. Reporting skills

For a project to be successful, a project manager needs to have reporting skills.

A manager checks how everything is going on in the project with their team members and others involved in the project.

The manager should define goals and objects to the team and check whether everything is going on as per the schedule.

5. Critical Thinking

Project managers are the one who thinks and decided according to the situation. Most of us work on things without thinking much.

We apply our learning and experiences, but we do not use our thinking. Critical thinking is analyzing the situation and then make a plan according to the case.

6. Leadership

Project managers possess leadership skills that help them complete a project with the team within a defined timeline.

This skill allows the project manager to coordinate tasks and encourage the team to complete the job.

7. Risk management

It is another crucial factor in a project. Every project must involve some risk, and this causes project delay.

A project manager has to anticipate those risks so that they can try to avoid them.

Therefore, managers need to prepare a risk management plan for every risk involved.

8. Negotiation

Negotiation is part of communication. A project manager needs to negotiate throughout the project at many phases.

They have to keep the stakeholders, and other parties convinced that they get what they want.

For example, you may get particular demands from the stakeholders that can affect the project’s scope. At such time you have to use your strong negotiating skills to settle the matter.

8. Organization

When you organize things correctly, the chances of mistakes are more petite.

The same applies to making a project roadmap and updating it with time by checking all the necessities. The organization is essential, and it will not only help in completing the project on time but also help others do their task effortlessly.

9. Empathy

It is said that not only your professional skills but your personal skills also help you in becoming a good manager.

It is essential to know how people who are working with you feel around you. Empathy is the ability to understand others’ perspectives.

Being a good manager, you have to make your team comfortable with you. It will help you become a more insightful leader and a good professional with whom everyone wants to work.

10. Adaptability

Being adaptable means, you are flexible with changes.

For example, in the projects, you have to change plans, work differently, location shifts, etc. But at such time you can’t change the plan instead a good manager adapt the changes and move on.

This attitude makes you a good project manager. 

You can read our article on dealing with changes in a project.

12. Tech-savvy

Yes, a project manager must be tech-savvy. The world is changing rapidly.

In the time you become used to one software, another comes in. And your learning curve starts again.

You have to keep yourself updated with all the new technologies around you, which is helpful for you. Even now, the mode of communication is evolving from emails to messages or texting and by using different apps and software.

To be an effective manager, this should come in handy.

13. Patience

Sounds a simple thing but very useful. There are times when you might become frustrated when things are not working out according to your plan.

But you have to be patient. Deciding in a hurry because of the timeline doesn’t do any good to your project.

Being calm and taking out a solution is one of the skills for project managers.

14. Humor

A sense of humor can help to ease the environment at the time to stress.

It doesn’t mean you have to be a comedian. If you have a sense of humor, you can lift the mood of your team, which helps to motivate them. When you are relaxed, you can think better, and this helps others too.

15. Subject Matter Expertise

Project managers work in every industry as the basics apply to every field. But it is helpful if you know the specific industry in which you are working to handle the types of project.

This knowledge will help you to estimates costs, resources and timeline.


Being a project manager is a tough job unless you have all the skills which are mentioned above. If you have the expertise in these areas, you can handle a project and deliver it on time.

These skills need time and attention. Make sure to work on it in your career to be an effective manager.

By Ashwini Rao

Ashwini is a consultant, trainer, and mentor in the field of Software Quality Management and Project management. She is a certified PMP, certified Quality Analyst and Six Sigma. She is Chief Project Management Trainer at

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