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How To Become A Project Manager And Boost Your Career

To solve organizational challenges and competitions you need to become a project manager. This will not only solve the company’s problem but also boost your career.

An organization should follow a structured approach to plan, schedule and look after all the tasks to deliver timely results.  These results must align with the business idea and should provide profit to the organization.

So, if you are a project manager or willing to start your career in project management this article might help you to give a broader picture.

Why do project management? What are the future prospects of project management? You are encouraged to read this article till the end to get a more clear view of project management or manager as a career path for your future.

Why Become A Project Manager?

The project manager’s basic work principle includes planning, scheduling, managing, controlling and leading tasks to achieve a specific business goal.

Project managers monitor the progress of the project, understand the requirements of the project, coordinate with the team members, check out on all the resources needed for the project and progress the work of the project.

Some other tasks that a project manager do are:-

  • Schedule the time of all the tasks in the project.
  • Track the progress by coordinating with the team through meetings.
  • Coordinate with the senior management and stack holders informing them about the project flow.
  • Look after the budget of the project.
  • Maintaining and managing the team members and other individuals who are involved in the task.

Facts & Figures: The Project Management Career

There are some facts and figures with some reports that mentioned how is the future scope of project management. As per the recent report published by PMI on project management job growth and talent gap 2017-2027.

  • There is a remarkable increase in the demand of the project manager as compared to the other occupation. Demand for the highly skilled people in the project manager gives you a way to fit in the project management role and set your career.
  • Not only PM jobs are increasing in the future but it’s good to hear that the PM jobs are also financially rewarding.
  • There are some surprising facts on the PM role. Being a project manager is 2005 is totally different from now. Look at some the surprising facts on pm.

Additional Value To The Organization On Hiring A Project Manager

We all have seen rapid growth and globalization. Changes in technology, environmental changes, competition, new customized requirements, new requirements of the customer (as they are more educated than before).

These are some of the changes that impact the organization in today’s scenario. These factors become risks to the project and hinder its growth. So for this, here required a skilled project manager.

The project manager keeps control and plans everything before the risk arises. There are tools and techniques that a skilled manager knows how to implement and where to implement.

This saves the project from losses and delivers the project successfully. This way project manager adds value to the organization and guarantees achievement in the project.

Top Reasons To Become A Project Manager

1. Future prospects and demand for project managers

The project managers’ professionals are high in demand. Due to market competition and lack of project planning which results in project failure. Project managers are highly recommended and needed.

2. Make an impact

People look for positions that are worthwhile and meaningful. As a project manager, you will feel rewarded when you complete the project on time, within budget and satisfy the criteria. You interact with the team, stack holders and senior management and others who are involved. You will face challenges many times in the project so you will never get bored. This makes you more confident and in the end, you will be rewarded and recognized.

3. Develop inbuilt skills

The challenges that come across make you confident. You are capable to showcase your skills at such times when you face challenges and risks in the project. With your skill and knowledge, you have to tackle your project’s challenges and deliver a successful project. These skills and learning will make you important to the company or organization.

4. Travel Globally

If you are someone who loves traveling and want a career in which you get the chance to travel for business. Then no doubt this role of project manager will give you this opportunity to travel globally.

5. Project Manager “A Change Agent”

In the project, you have to manage and sustain many changes. Sometimes you have to make changes for the betterment and at other times you have to sustain the changes. If you are good at managing and sustaining with the changes then this role is for you.

6. Development of team members

Working as a project manager will allow you to make your teammates more professional and grow as an individual this makes a well-skilled team which helps the organization to grow and ultimately make you a good project manager who not only manages the team but making the team a more professional

7. Salary

As a project manager, you get a good salary. The average salary depends on the industry and location of the job. You earn a competitive salary for long term stability whether you work as an online project manager or other.

How important it is to get a certification as a project manager?

This is a very obvious question in every individual mind. For being a skilled project manager it is recommended that you should get a certification and there are many certifications for project management both entry-level and high-level certifications.

Some of them are CAPM, PMP, Prince2 and many more. Visit the PMI site and you will get proper information about all the certifications. Choose any of the certifications and decide as per your requirement. Certification will help you a lot in your career as a project manager.


In conclusion to all the things which I described above project managers have a bright career as of now and in the coming future.

If you like to deal with challenges, love to travel globally, want to earn a good salary package, want a leading position in the organization this career is the right choice for you. This role provides you a rewarding career.

So go ahead and all the best.

By Sandeep Scouche

Sandeep is a practicing program manager and an expert in Agile methodologies and IT Service Management. He has over 21+ years of professional experience. He is Chief Agile Trainer at

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