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How To Finish Your Project Strong?
How To Deal With Changes In A Project?

Project Management Jobs are Great!

Project Managers are well paid, enjoy working in plush offices, and travel around the world.

True! But these jobs come with a lot of stress.

The Project Manager's Conundrum

Customer's demands seem to be endless.

Sponsors are always asking for more.

Meetings are boring and directionless.

Time is always limited and family life goes for a toss.

Why Is Project Management So Complex Today?

Projects are being successfully managed for thousands of years.

Great Wall of China was built in 770 B.C.

Egyptian Pyramids were built in 2610 B.C.

Projects were successful even when project management was not a recognized science.

Today's projects are much smaller and simpler.

How can we simplify project management?

Project Management Should Be Fun

  • Each one of us has successfully delivered many projects.
  • Project management knowledge is inherent in all of us.
  • All of us have got numerous accolades from our clients.
  • We all are born with project management skills.

Let's Simplify The Project Management

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